Thursday, December 17, 2009

New to Blogging

Hello and welcome to my newly created blog here at I'm pretty much new to blogging although I'm not new to computers or the internet. In fact, my first encounter with a computer was in 1989 and I've not been without one ever since. I've also been an active internet user, since its birth and in my line of work as Bookkeeper thats where I would normally be, sitting in front of a computer.

Repairing my own computer, whether upgrading hardware or software, was something I did myself, but earlier on this year I bought myself a brand new Dell Laptop. I've also been busy with raising a family as I'm a Mum of four daughters, my eldest is 23 and my youngest is 2, so I'm still busy being a Mum. My third eldest also has a 1 yr old baby who both live here at home, so I've my work cut out for me.

I spend a lot of time on the internet doing a wide range of activities which I see is still constantly evolving with new things to learn or do all the time. We are afterall only at the dawning of cyberspace, the possibilities are endless.

In any case, I've many interests, lots to talk about and plenty to share. I'm excited because its a way for me to write, as writing and poetry are a few of my many interests. So, I am looking forward to this journey.

For now, I wish everyone and anyone who comes by my blog all the best.